Indiana Redistricting & Elections

  1. All IN for Democracy: Up-to-date information about Indiana redistricting events/results/meetings/congressional hearings and more.
  2. GeoCivics Indiana: GeoCivics offers state-based resources to develop skills and knowledge for discussing the electoral apportionment and redistricting process. Video, links, virtual & in-person lesson plans/activities using ArcGIS on-line, further resources. 
  3. Indiana Citizens Redistricting Commission (Common Cause Indiana): Purpose, Structure & More
  4. Indiana Redistricting Portal 
    1. Videos: 
      1. Introduction to Redistricting (5 minutes)
      2. Communities of Interest: Using Districtr to Map (scroll down the Portal page to find this video; 2 minutes)
    2. Districtr: interactive web site to draw your own redistricting lines, creating your own maps
    3. Scroll down the Portal page to find 
      1. Current IN Congressional Map
      2. Information & how-to’s about creating your own redistricting maps
      3. Redistricting IN Map Competition entries (competition closed as of September 13, 2021 
  5. Indiana: 2020 Census: Data, maps, text about Indiana’s 2020 Census results
    1. CensusViewer: Historic Census data (2000 and 2010) Demographics, Statistics, Interactive Maps
  6. STATS Indiana: Economic and Demographic Data about Indiana (maintained by the IN Business Research Center/IBRC)
  7. Dave’s Redistricting App
    1. DRA Indiana: Maps to explore about Indiana districts
  8. Citizens’ Action Coalition: IN & Gerrymandering
  9. Ballotpedia: Public Policy and Redistricting in Indiana

Indiana Election Resources

  1. Election Statistics U.S. House of Representatives, Office of the Clerk
  2. Election Results Federal Election Commission
  3. Indiana Campaign Finance Indiana Election Division
  4. Indiana Election Returns Indiana Election Division
  5. Indiana Voter maps, Statistics, and General Information Indiana Election Division
  6. Statistics, Data and Mapping The American Presidency Project
  7. U.S. Election Statistics Resource Guide Library of Congress
  8. Voting and Registration Data Tools U.S. Census Bureau
  9. Indiana Memory:
  10. If you search here under ‘elections’ there are many general photos and documents
  11. IN State Library has print resources: (315 West Ohio Street, Indianapolis IN 46202; ask your local library resource specialists for assistance)
    1. Indiana Votes, 1922-1958
    2. Voter Turnout, 1788-2009
    3. America Votes, a series that goes from 1955 to present
    4. Yearbook of the State of Indiana
  12. The Indiana Archives holds the county results in print for some counties.